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NEW beach Yoga classes for the Summer

Beach Yoga has returned for Summer 2019. After a delay in starting, due to the weather taking a while to warm up, last week we returned to the beach for our morning Yoga practice.

6am is the meeting time at the top of Galley Hill, where you can park easily (or you can park in Ravenside car park) and we wonder down to the beach to set up our towels/mats.

We take the first few moments to take in our surroundings, listen and watch the sea, beginning the day with awareness.

Once we are settled, we enjoy some gentle mobility exercises to see how our bodies are feeling and ease out the nights sleep.

We move into some standing poses, finding our balance on the stones and begin to energise ourselves, along with some laughs!

We breathe and relax, embracing being outdoors in the fresh air, setting good intentions for the day ahead and just be calm and present.

It is such a wonderful way to begin a new day, starting aware, grateful and joyful, being surrounded by like minded people and having a wonderful environment to practice in.

Each week money given is donated to different charities.

Week 1 £26 was given to the Yoga in Schools project in Brighton and Week 2 £50 was given to St Michael's Hospice.

Spread the word, come join us on the beach!

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