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Creating your space...

Now we are all practicing Yoga in the 'comfort of our own homes' it has it's positives and negatives. Not having to drive to class is a huge positive! Usually I would arrive to teach a class 30 minutes to even an hour (!) before to set the class up, creating the atmosphere, cleaning the space and getting the equipment into the hall. So for me, the luxury of teaching from home, 10 minutes before class, I can step straight into my dining room and I am ready to go! However, a negative can be, not being in your usual space where you do your Yoga practice and the right atmosphere. I want to help as much as can. I want you to be comfortable, so you are able to take yourself away and find a place you can refresh and reset in and to enjoy your Yoga practice. Here is what I have found, help me to create my home Yoga Studio: 1. Make as much space as you can. Enough for your mat/towel/rug and room to stretch out into. Mind lampshades above! 2. No distractions- switch your phone off. Close the door so you are in your own space, on your own and won't be distracted by a family member/friend asking you what's for tea or spying on you... 😉 3. Be comfortable but maybe step out of your lounge pants (if you having been living in them like me...! 🙈) and put on your usual Yoga gear you would wear to class to 'feel the part' 4. Smells- if you have a diffuser put it on or light a candle or spray the room 5. Sounds- play a playlist that makes you feel 'Zen', relaxed. Music that you like. Unfortunately, I am unable to play music due to licensing and noise levels, with you still being able to hear me clearly and not making too much noise and disturbing the neighbours... So you be DJ! I have linked in my Spotify account with some playlists that you can listen to. These are the playlist I would usually play in class

THE MAIN THING... 6. Stick with it. Even when you feel you might not be doing things the best you can or getting as much from your class as you had hoped for, remember, you never regret doing a workout or a Yoga class. It is SO beneficial, even if you don't notice it straight away. Moving. Being aware of your breath. Checking in with yourself. Acknowledging your thoughts and feelings- 'this is a hard time', 'I don't feel great', 'I am struggling', you achieve so much from realising this, accepting how you feel right now. Doing something to make you feel better, finding a glimmer of hope and positivity. It can be hard... you have to be disciplined and motivated. I know myself, before when I have joined classes online at home, I sometimes haven't been able to get in the right zone... this has ended in me just sitting and watching or fast forwarding (if pre recorded) to the bits I want to do 😱... I know!!!! In a class I would get a feel for what people need from their practice that day and in a group there is such a wonderful atmosphere created, from sharing a space together. But remember, I am still here for you to find some Zen(Fit) time, even if we can't all be practicing in the same room.

Please do stay in touch if you need any extra guidance.

I really hope this helps.


Lots of love, Maryann x

Remember this moment will pass...

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