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5 ways to feel better

Here are my 5 things I enjoy doing which make me feel better when I am fed up and I use as my escape when I need some 'me time'...

You might relate or have different things that help you. Discover what you enjoy doing and do more of it!

No. 1 - Fresh Air

Whatever the weather, getting outdoors to blow the cobwebs away and feel the wind, rain or hopefully sunshine on my face, is so refreshing.

No. 2 - YOGA

It doesn't have to just be Yoga and it doesn't have to be long. Just stepping away from any distractions and moving. It can be lying down on the floor and doing a couple of gentle stretches for 5 minutes, a full on hour Yoga class or going for a walk. Getting away from the overwhelm and reconnecting to me.

No. 3 - Listening to good music

Foot tapping kind of music, where it makes you want to smile, dance and forget about all your worries. It's amazing how much your mood can change from hearing music you like and gives you a good feeling inside of you.

No. 4 - Cooking/Baking

For me I love baking. I have a sweet tooth so I just look forward to eating it all... but I find baking therapeutic. Focusing on what I am doing and creating something and knowing what is in what I am eating. Most of the time it takes double the time to make something then to eat it... but it again gives you that time to be in the moment.

No. 5 - Achieving

The satisfaction when you have achieved something. It can be as simple as ticking something off the to do list. Like many, I have some things on the to do list that seem to stay there for a long time, until one day I get on with it and finally it's done! It's such a relief! It can also, be improving a Yoga pose or doing a pose or movement that you never thought you could do. You don't know until you try.

Do more of what you enjoy doing and feel better.


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