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Life is busy, right?

I sometimes look back at the time we spent in lockdown and even though there was the angst and uncertainty, the simplicity was rather nice, don't you think?

I love love love being back in person, teaching, seeing people, planning and doing more however, I can feel there is always so much to do. We are flying around, thinking whats next and not actually enjoying what is happening right now.

It's about finding the balance.

My tip to help you find more ease, especially when time is whizzing by and you want to do something for yourself.

Find time.

Answer this...

What time works for you? When you cannot be distracted?

Morning? before the world wakes up or evening? when you need to chill out and the day is done?

That time is yours.

For me, it's the morning before the day starts and things need to be done and before my brain has woken up. 10 - 60 mins is mine to do what I want. Walk, run, Yoga, kettlebells, mediation whatever. But it's a time for me. It's a ritual. It sets me up, I am ready and the feeling of ease is there to tap back into when I need it in the day.

I know it's not always the way and each day is different but start off with one day in the week. You will feel better right away.

Keep it simple. Keep it short.

By the way, I have some super short sessions on my website which you can easily squeeze into your day - check them out, ZenFit on Demand.


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