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My Story

I have been in the fitness industry for 9 years. I am so lucky to have a career in health and fitness that I love and I wanted to share with you my journey so far.

The adventure begins... My last few years of school were tricky for me, with my Dad passing away when I was 16. I was unsure where I was heading when I left high school, so decided to follow in my older sisters footsteps... I went to Essex to train professionally as a dancer. This was very intense training, singing, acting and dancing all day long, 5 days a week and sometimes into the weekend! After leaving dance college and still unsure whether it was the career for me (being the least competitive person!)... I went on to audition in London with the aim to get work dancing on cruise ships. After some knock backs, a dance tutor suggested doing my fitness instructor training, to have as a back up. I loved the training and decided a career in fitness was right for me, rather than dancing. I was then fortunate enough to get work as a fitness instructor for Neilson Active holidays, in 2013. I worked for this company for 5 years, working in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Croatia. I was teaching up to 8 classes a day, to holiday makers in 40 degree heat! I loved it! Classes varied from Yoga to Bootcamps, Aqua fit to guided runs, Stretch and relax to paddle boarding Pilates! It was a wonderful start to my career, being able to meet and teach so many different people. Australia - In between summer seasons, I continued to further my training and spend some time in Australia with my brother. It was then when I discovered my love for Yoga. I joined many classes and experienced different Yoga teachers and styles and suddenly Yoga was a part of my lifestyle. Purpose - Being shy and a little lost, I found Yoga gave me a purpose and allowed me to be myself. From starting a regular Yoga practice and not just focusing on the physical side but also, the mental side, it improved my confidence and gave me a direction. I always knew as a career I wanted to do something where I could help others and this was it... sharing the magic of Yoga! India- My dream was to go to India to do my 200hr Yoga teacher training, to immerse myself in it completely, which I did. In 2016 I became a qualified Yoga teacher. It was the most wonderful experience and the best achievement! Dedicating a whole month to my training and learning from experienced teachers, it is a journey I would recommend to anyone who is curious about themselves. I enjoyed my time so much, in 2017 I went on to further my training, by returning to India, to complete my 300hr Yoga teacher training. ZenFit- After lots of time spent in and out of England, 3 years ago, I decided to settle back in Bexhill to start up my own Yoga classes, along with personal training and other fitness classes. I couldn't wait to share all of my experience, back in my home town. This was the start of ZenFit! It was a challenge settling and committing but I knew it was the right decision. After so many years teaching people from all over the world and not having the opportunity to make a connection with anyone, it has been wonderful to make relationships with clients over the last few years and see people progressing. Thank you- So here I am now. I thank you for all your continued support and patience with me setting up my business, ZenFit. I thank you for being open to try new things and to trust me. You make the magic happen. You make the decision to dedicate time to yourself. To move, be curious and to live a better lifestyle. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me opportunities I could've only of dreamt of 3 years ago. The most important thing I have learnt from the last 3 years is PATIENCE. Don't give up. Continue to develop yourself. Stay committed and notice your small progresses. All your hard work will pay off later. Sometimes we need to go with the flow, have no expectations and the surprises and happy spontaneous moments will come!

Thank you if you have read my story. I wanted to share this with you, so you know a little more about me. Maryann 💜


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