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Motivation to Move

Do you sometimes find it hard to get your body moving? Especially when the weather is colder and you want to stay comfortable...

I struggle as well... however, I always say to myself, I know I am going to feel SO much better after exercising. It is that sense of satisfaction after a workout or that feeling of achievement after going out for a walk, knowing you have done something good for yourself.

But what exercise should you do? It can be hard finding or deciding what to do. The best tip I can give you is keep it SIMPLE. There will be days when you really lack in motivation and the idea of having to exercise makes you feel even worse. It is ok to not do a full on hour sweaty exercise class and this leads me into my tips:

  1. Move regularly in the day- it is better to move for 15 minutes 3 or 4 times in your day then doing 1 full hour workout in one go and staying still for the rest of the day. Get up for for a few minutes every now and again to get some steps in and move your body out of a fixed position. Do some stretches that feel good in your body. Check out my go to quick upper stretch here

  2. The hardest part is starting- the hardest part is getting yourself up, up early in the morning to exercises, off your seat to stretch, outside to walk or run. Remember you will never regret moving. I never have heard anyone say they regretted going out for walk or doing that Yoga class or exercise class. You always feel so good afterwards and even during. When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins, trigging a positive feeling in the body!

  3. Do what you enjoy- find something that you enjoy doing. For me it is Yoga, even I find it hard to get on my mat sometimes but I know I enjoy it and has a great effect on my physical and mental health. There are SO many workout styles out there but keep it simple, as long as you are moving thats the main thing.

  4. Be organised- plan into your week your time to move. What days you are going to do what, what class you are going to do, when you are going for a walk. There will be days where you don't do as much but those spontaneous moments are always good to. I plan in what day I am going to do some conditioning, what day I am going to do pilates, when I am going for a walk (every day at the moment). Even though I might mix it up some days and do something different, I know I have that time planned out to do something good for me.

  5. Be accountable- book into a class, tell someone you are going out for a run tomorrow, write it down at the start of your week - that sense of satisfaction ticking off your workout when you have done it, is so rewarding and lasts longer than that negative 'don't want' to attitude before.

I hope this helps. Remember to keep it simple. There will be days where you do less steps, don't move as much and that's ok but don't let that stop you other days. Reenergise and get up and go- you won't regret it!


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